Every little secret

Kyle Reed's life as a studious college student gets muddled when a cold case investigator shows up to question her mom about an unsolved murder. Twelve years earlier, Marty Cox was killed in her home and the culprit was never identified. Kyle, only eight years old at the time, doesn't remember much about Marty—except her affair with Kyle's dad. Kyle rarely spoke to her mom, Annette, about Marty—or her dad leaving the family—out of respect for Annette’s feelings. Kyle’s attempt to revisit and expand her patchwork of recollections gets no help—or encouragement—from her mother or brother. Memories of abuse and abandonment surface for Kyle, prompted by a visit to her dad’s favorite old haunt, and solidify her need to know everything. As Marty's case gets revitalized—and Kyle discovers new information—suspicion around Annette intensifies. Gritty revelations threaten to destroy Kyle’s relationships, and pushing certain people too far puts Kyle’s life in jeopardy. When every little secret comes to light—including her own secrets—will Kyle be able to live with the truth?